May 29, Cheese Rolling Race. Young men chase a cheese off a cliff for glory and cheese

Cheese Rolling Race, Gloucester, England. So many villages must be missing their idiots today.

Young men chase a cheese off a cliff and tumble 200 yards to the bottom.

There, paramedics scrape ’em up and pack them off to hospital.

For centuries, thrill-seekers have hurled themselves down the 1:2 gradient, chasing wheels of double Gloucester cheese.

Competitors now travel from across the world to take part, as do TV crews.


Ridiculously steep Cooper’s Hill. Basically a cliff


Chris Anderson has taken home 17 double Gloucester cheeses in 12 years.

The 29-year-old is now three races shy of current record holder Stephen Gyde.

Cheese rolling veteran Chris Anderson


Mr. Anderson said: “I’ve been up a few times because I was worried I’d lose my bottle but I feel quite good.”

“I don’t really like double Gloucester, it’s too strong so I give it out around the family,” he admits.

Injuries are inevitable for competitors chasing a 70mph cheese down a rough, uneven hillside.

Warning signs remind everyone that they are attending entirely at their own risk.

In 2010 the official event was canceled over safety fears when more than 15,000 people turned up the previous year to watch the competition.

Since then, they run it anyway.

That can’t be gouda for your spine.


Bonus fact: The cheese used is double Gloucester made by this lady. They sell one for £45.


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